Tropical Depression 12, and disturbance 1

Tracking the Tropics: Oct. 4, 2022 The FOX 35 Storm Team is tracking two disturbances in the Atlantic Ocean, one of which became a tropical depression on Tuesday. Tropical Depression Twelve has strengthened off the coast of Africa. The other disturbance is expected to enter the Caribbean Sea this week and track west. ORLANDO, Fla. … Read more

Florida teens go airborne in stolen Maserati, end with fatal crash

Wild video shows a Maserati stolen by three teenagers hit 123 mph before it goes airborne and plows through a store sign in a Florida crash that killed one passenger and left the others injured. The teens – none who were licensed to drive – were trying to shake Pinellas County sheriff’s deputies after they … Read more

Ukrainian economy will shrink at rate eight times that of Russia, World Bank forecasts | World Bank

Ukraine’s economy will shrink at a rate eight times that of Russia this year as a result of the war triggered by Moscow’s invasion in February, the World Bank has estimated. In its latest report on Europe and central Asia, the Washington-based institution said the Ukrainian economy would contract by 35% in 2022, compared with … Read more

Trump asks U.S. Supreme Court to intervene over seized classified records

WASHINGTON, Oct 4 (Reuters) – Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday asked the US Supreme Court to intervene in his fight with the Justice Department over classified documents seized from his Florida home as part of a criminal investigation into his handling of government records. Trump filed an emergency request asking the justices to block … Read more

Ukraine war: Putin’s difficulties make use of a tactical nuclear weapon ‘more likely’, US expert warns | World News

Vladimir Putin’s mounting problems in Ukraine make Russia’s use of a tactical nuclear weapon more likely, a senior US expert has told Sky News. Tactical nuclear weapons are designed to be used on a battlefield. John Bolton, a former US national security adviser and ambassador to the United Nations, said that the Russian president is … Read more

Trump asks Supreme Court to intervene in Mar-a-Lago documents case

A federal appeals court panel last month rejected US District Court Judge Aileen Cannon’s decision to include the roughly 100 potentially classified documents in the independent review and to halt their use as part of a criminal investigation while that process plays out. A Justice Department spokesperson declined to comment. A win at the Supreme … Read more

IMF warns funds with illiquid assets pose risk to financial stability

The IMF has warned that a surge of outflows from funds allowing frequent investor withdrawals but holding hard-to-sell assets could amplify market stress and “potentially undermine the stability of the financial system”. Withdrawals from open-ended bond funds have increased in recent months, the IMF noted, and another shock could “trigger further outflows”, with a mismatch … Read more