Jan. 6 hearing live updates: Barr concerned Trump ‘detached from reality’ in pushing ‘big lie’

After the second panel of witnesses was sworn in, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif started questioning Byung “Bjay” Pak, who served as US Attorney in the Northern District of Georgia during the Trump administration and was appointed by Trump.

Pak said Attorney General Bill Barr “asked me to find out what I could” about claims of voter fraud in Georgia raised by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani in a public hearing, but said both he and his successor were “unable to find any evidence of fraud which affected the outcome of the election.”

Lofgren then questioned Al Schmidt, the former GOP city commissioner who supervised the 2020 election in Philadelphia, about claims investigating about thousands of dead people voting in Philadelphia.

“Not only was there no evidence of 8,000 dead voters voting in Pennsylvania — there was not even evidence of eight,” Schmidt said.

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