Jon Stewart says ‘Supreme Court is now the Fox News of justice’

Jon Stewart has hit out at the US Supreme Court, calling it “the Fox News of justice”, after it overturned Roe v Wade.

On 24 June, the current Court reversed that landmark 1973 decision, which previously ensured the constitutional right to abortion in America.

Speaking on his podcast, The Problem with Jon Stewart, on Thursday (30 June), the comedian and political commentator broke down the controversial decision. He started by criticizing the judicial confirmation process.

“It would’ve been one thing if [the justices] sat in the confirmation hearings and said, ‘My entire ideological bearing is that life begins at conception and that abortion should be made legal,’” Stewart argued.

“And at the very least, you would respect their honesty and integrity, but this makes the Court a cynical pursuit.”

He went on to compare the US high court to the right-wing cable news channel Fox News. “In my mind, the idea that this was based in any kind of reasoned debate or philosophical education – the Supreme Court is now the Fox News of justice in my mind,” he said.

“It is a cynical pursuit in the same way that Fox News would come out with ‘we’re fair and balanced’ under the patina of what would be a high-status pursuit to the betterment of society”, he continued.

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Stewart took issue with the Senate Judiciary Committee’s televised questioning of nominees in particular.

“When you look at the ridiculous kabuki theater now of justice confirmation, where they can just go out there and just f***ing lie, like if this were about debate, then they would’ve understood what perjury meant.”

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“But they are now the Fox News of justice. I mean, there is no consistency. States can’t regulate guns, but they can regulate [uteruses], you know?” the comedian added.

Stewart joins the ranks of celebrities, including Phoebe Bridgers, Hillary Clinton, Sophia Bush, and Bette Midler, who have expressed distress about the verdict.

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