Madonna warned Frankie Grande throuple wouldn’t ‘end well’

Frankie Grande revealed Madonna once gave him some sage advice: Don’t become part of a throuple.

“I was talking to Madonna of all people — talking to the queen — and I told her about the throuple, and she literally said, ‘Well, that’s not going to end well,’” the Broadway star, 39, said on the “ Tamron Hall Show” Wednesday.

“She said that, and I still did it,” he admitted.

Grande famously entered into a relationship with two married men, Daniel Sinasohn and Mike Pophis, in 2018, but — big surprise — the trio ended things after just four months.

The “Titanic: The Musical” star told Tamron Hall that he is not one to follow social norms and is willing to take his chances when he comes to love.

“I’m always the person that says yes to whatever comes into my life, and I’ve never been afraid to take risks or do something unconventional,” he explained.

Frankie Big
Madonna told Frankie Grande that his relationship with two married men wouldn’t “end well.”
The Tamron Hall Show

Still, spending romantic time with two spouses made Grande realize that he wanted to be married himself.

“I realized I wanted my own man, and I wanted a monogamous relationship with someone who was going to just love me,” he recalled, noting that the way he felt in the throuple was one he never wanted to feel again.

The twice-divorced Queen of Pop offered up some sage advice.
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Ariana Grande’s brother has since moved on with his now-husband, Hale Leon, whom he married in May.

Frankie told Page Six exclusively in June that his experience of being in a throuple made him all the more prepared for married life.

“I’m very grateful for that previous relationship, and I think it prepared me for this one, the ultimate one where I got my ring,” he told us at the time.

“I think everything happens for a reason. Now I’m an old, married man in a monogamous relationship.”

Hale Leon and Frankie Grande
The performer married Hale Leon in May.
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Frankie and Leon, 30, tied the knot in a “Star Wars”-themed ceremony on May 4, fittingly.

After their nuptials, the “Big Brother” alum realized that he was OK with spending his life with one person.

“I think I’ve always been wired for that,” he said. “I think it’s really suited to me, and I’m very happy.”


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