Max Verstappen delivers verdict on Lewis Hamilton feud one year after British GP row | F1 | Sport

Max Verstappen reckons he has returned to Silverstone a more relaxed character now that he has the NUMBER ONE on his car. And the world champion claims he has well and truly buried the hatchet with Lewis Hamilton a year after their infamous collision put the Dutchman in hospital.

Verstappen’s temper has surfaced on occasions this season but the championship leader insists his title success HAS chilled him out.

He explains: “My dream was, of course, always to try and win races but the ultimate dream was to win with the number one on your car. Because how many times do you have that opportunity in life? I am definitely more relaxed but I’m not lazy. I know when I jump in the car, I still want to achieve the best.”

And that means he its unlikely to curb his angry radio messages.

“I can still get upset,” he told GP Racing. “I still want the best during a weekend, and I’m still gonna tell what I find of the situation or what I think can be done better.”

He was certainly upset 12 months ago when the high-speed coming-together with Hamilton – who received a 10-second time penalty but went on to win the race – put him out of the race.

But Verstappen insists that is all water under the bridge, even though he could not resist reminding Hamilton he is not competing at the front of the grid.

Verstappen says: “That’s the beautiful thing about racing drivers. At the time, you are upset but you can also quickly say ‘let’s forget about it’ and move on.

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