More than two dozen feared dead after ship breaks in two in South China Sea

More than two dozen crew members are feared dead after an industrial support ship broke in two during a storm in the South China Sea, Hong Kong emergency services have said.

Planes and helicopters were sent out to the scene by authorities to rescue the crew. But, as of 5.30pm local time, just three of the 30 workers onboard had been brought to safety.

Helicopter crew members winch up a man from a sinking ship in the South China Sea


The Hong Kong Government Flying Service shared photos from the rescue mission, which appear to show a crew member being lifted onto a rescue helicopter as colossal waves pummeled the vessel which had broken into two parts.

A rescue crew approaches a sinking ship near Hong Kong


The incident reportedly occurred about 300km (186 miles) south of Hong Kong.

The ship, which has not been named, got caught up in a severe tropical storm, which was blowing tastes of up to 10km/h (68mph). The vessel ran into difficulty when its crew members attempted to negotiate their way out of severe weather.

The storm hit land in the western part of the coastal province of Guangdong later on Saturday. The Hong Kong rescue service sent two fixed-wing aircraft and four helicopters for the rescue effort.

With additional reporting from the Associated Press

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