Patterson stretchered off in Nations League match

Everton full-back Nathan Patterson could be set for another spell on the sidelines after he had to be carried off the field at Hampden Park this evening in Scotland’s Uefa Nations League match against Ukraine.

The 20-year-old, who has been in magnificent form for the Blues after his first start in the Premier League last month had been delayed by ankle surgery earlier this year, suffered what appeared to be a knee injury when he collided with an opposition player on the wet turf.

Both of Everton’s first-choice full-backs were due to face off tonight but Vitalii Mykolenko only made the bench because of a knock of his own.

Mykolenko reportedly picked up a minor injury during Sunday’s victory over West Ham and has been left out of Ukraine’s line-up to face Scotland at Hampden Park as a precaution.

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Patterson started the match, however, as the Scots look to move above this evening’s opponents into top spot in Group B1, but he managed just 20 minutes before sustaining an injury that will have Everton’s medical staff sweating before scans can reveal the full extent of the damage.

The former Rangers player initially tried to hobble off the pitch but a stretcher was then called to ensure he didn’t exacerbate the injury.


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Ricky Oak

1 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Patterson, Everton that.

Rob Halligan

2 Posted
21/09/2022 at

For fuck’s sake… Patterson injured after only 25 minutes and going off. Doesn’t look good. Going off on a stretcher.

Pat Kelly

3 Posted
21/09/2022 at

And Patterson stretchered off

Paul Davies

4 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Patterson just off on a stretcher.

Steve Shave

5 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Oh for fuck’s sake, we are cursed!!!!

Anyone have any idea what type of injury it was?

Bryan Houghton

6 Posted
21/09/2022 at

For fuck’s sake, Stretchered. Looks in pain. Un-fucking-believable.

Rob Halligan

7 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Looked like an ankle injury, Steve. Was chasing back and seemed to get his feet caught up in-between a Ukrainian player’s legs.

Neil Copeland

8 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Knee injury according to the BBC, just hope it’s not serious.

Seamus Coleman – come on down!

Alan McGuffog

9 Posted
21/09/2022 at

McFadden on BBC suggesting it may be medial ligament damage.

Kieran Kinsella

10 Posted
21/09/2022 at

James McFadden speculating it’s a medial ligament?

Brian Murray

11 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Stupid fucking meaningless tournament. We can’t go a month without an injury.

Bryan Houghton

12 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Accordng to James McFadden on BBC commentary – he reckons it’s the medial ligament. I don’t know much about it.

Other than its fucking typical of our luck. I have a bit of sick in my mouth. Fingers crossed it’s not too serious. Bit gutted for him, and us if serious.

Rob Halligan

13 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Alan, not quite sure how McFadden can come up with that diagnosis within a couple of minutes?

Paul Hughes

14 Posted
21/09/2022 at

We are cursed. Fucking internationals.

Luckily we have only 3 or 4 players going to the stupid World Cup in November.

Brian Murray

15 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Nothing against Seamus but I was hoping the likes of him Keane and Holgate were a thing of the past. He’s been a great servant but 3 years too long.

Paul Birmingham

16 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Bloody typical.

Poxy international games. Let’s hope that Nathan’s injury recovery goes well.

McFadden suggesting it’s his medial ligament, gutted for the lad as he has been superb this season.

This will test Everton’s squad strength and shape, but let’s pray for a swift and full recovery for the lad.

Lee Courtliff

17 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Didn’t he injure his ankle just before the West Ham last season? Hope it’s not a recurrence of the same problem.

Alan McGuffog

18 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Rob… he said Nathan was indicating the problem was on the inside of the knee. But as you indicate… who knows yet?

Rob Halligan

19 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Patterson was injured just before he was due to make his debut against West Ham last season. Injured again tonight… cue the ‘sicknote’ comments.

Peter Neilson

20 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Anyone else absolutely fed up of these meaningless internationals?

Rebranded Nations League by the beyond reproach Michel Platini. We just don’t have enough games!!

Kieran Kinsella

21 Posted
21/09/2022 at

I wouldn’t count on Seamus. Ireland have a game on Saturday. We seem to get more injuries playing for Ireland than any other country.

Brian Murray

22 Posted
21/09/2022 at

A bog of a pitch at Lansdowne Road cost us the double as Southall landed awkwardly in ’86. We just can’t catch a break. Hope his pointing at the inside of he knee means not medial damage.

Kieran Kinsella

23 Posted
21/09/2022 at


The thing lost all credibility (if it had any) at the end of the first season when Germany were “relegated” from the top tier for about a week until they decided to revamp it make the top tier bigger so Germany, Iceland and all got a reprieve.

And now, with a World Cup in a little over a month, who gives a crap about the Nations League? Anyone smart would play rubbish players so they get relegated into the easy group and then they can win the spot for every Euros as the best of the complete crap teams.

Rob Halligan

24 Posted
21/09/2022 at

The annoying thing is it was a challenge he didn’t even have to make. The ball was probably no more than 10 – 15 yards outside the Ukraine penalty area.

Jim Bennings

25 Posted
21/09/2022 at

How very typical of our luck.

If that’s medial ligament damage, then that’s Patterson done for the season.

Looked very much like the Andros Townsend injury last season to me, I hope and pray I’m wrong otherwise it’s a season of old man Seamus or square peg in triangular hole Holgate, neither can play that right back role to a high standard anymore for different reasons.

I hate these pointless international breaks so early in the domestic season, it’s bad enough this year that we have the Slave Labour World Cup in December without these matches.

Danny O’Neill

26 Posted
21/09/2022 at

I didn’t like international breaks previously but what is the point of this competition? Don’t we already have a European Championship?

I hope not but I’m guessing that is serious.

Ukranian player got away with assault there!!

Jim Bennings

27 Posted
21/09/2022 at


I have long grumbled about the amount of international football during the club season.

For me, there’s only the World Cup (a proper World Cup in the summertime – not when the Christmas decorations are up) or the Euros that will ever gain my attention.

There has always been far too many stop-start breaks, September, October, November, March, there’s just too many games of irrelevant meaning.

Now we’ve potentially lost a key player for a good number of months if it is what we suspect.

Peter Carpenter

28 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Oh, fuck!

Rob Halligan

29 Posted
21/09/2022 at

If Mykolenko is only a sub due to carrying a “minor knock”, then why haven’t Everton demanded that he be withdrawn from the Ukrainian squad so he can receive treatment at Finch Farm?

Knowing our luck, he will come on and that minor knock will turn into a major injury.

John Crook

30 Posted
21/09/2022 at

If it’s a longer-term injury, then this could force reverting back to a 3-5-2 (3 in midfield is a must now I believe), and either Iwobi goes to right-wingback or Stanley Mills gets a chance to show what he can do.

Really hope it’s only a short-term injury but judging by the negative responses it has a gut feel of months rather than weeks.

Ray Smith

31 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Mina and Holgate not due back until 19th October. Godfrey out to end of December. Mykolenko taken a knock with Ukraine.
Which leaves us with Coleman and Keane as recognised defenders.

As several have said in this thread, we seem to be cursed, one step forward, two back. I’m sure other teams have similar problems, but it always seems to be us!!!

Nick Page

32 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Oh no!!! Why the fuck are we playing these completely pointless games, when the season is only a few games in.

Also, we have a winter World Cup which has already ruined the fixture schedule anyway….in a country that doesn’t play or care about football, let alone human rights, and anyway couldn’t fill two stadiums with locals. Industrial scale corruption.

Every single injury on international duty should be compensated for by the national FA and sanctioning body (in this case Uefa). That’s all his wages paid for and our league position compensated. It would soon stop all this shite because the bastards couldn’t afford it.

If he’s done his ankle ligaments, I feel for him as it took me 6 months to run post ATFL reconstruction. And that was in a straight line.

Can’t believe it.

Tony Hill

33 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Let’s wait and see how bad it is but it looks serious. Actually, I think Coleman might still do a good job but my word we do seem to have these injuries just when we’re getting into some form and when people’s hopes are raised.

In my old age I realise how critical “luck” is in life and, of course, in sport.

Very best wishes to young Nathan.

Lev Vellene

34 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Fingers crossed, but for once we might have a deputy in that position! Ain’t that a silly thought??? Everton??? Go(!), ye unknown, forgotten Irishman… 😛

Dale Self

35 Posted
21/09/2022 at

I’m not sure if someone already stated this but he walked off the field on his own.

Nick Page

36 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Brian – just saw your comment #21.

If he’s pointing to inside of knee, it’s the meniscus. Could be a tear. If it’s a bucket handle tear (displaced) then he wouldn’t be walking … did mine a few weeks ago. Absolute mess.

I’d choose ankle injury over knee as you can support it with a boot.

Rob Halligan

37 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Quick bit of research says that a medial ligament injury can heal from anything between 1 – 6 weeks, depending on the severity of the injury. Can often recover without the need for surgery. If surgery is required, then the recovery period could be a lot longer.

Obviously we don’t know the full prognosis of his injury yet, but the good thing is he walked off towards the touchline, before the stretcher was called. I guess by walking off, it would indicate it is only a strain, rather than a tear, so hopefully he won’t be missing too long.

We have eight Premier League games and one Carabao Cup game before a 7-week break due to the World Cup. Hopefully his first game back will be Wolves at home on Boxing Day.

Jim Bennings

38 Posted
21/09/2022 at


I don’t know, Seamus looked completely shot at the end of last season, certain games he was so far off it, it became painful watching a long serving player so bad.

But as we say, what are the options?

Rob Halligan

39 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Scotland now lead, but who gives a fuck!

Danny O’Neill

40 Posted
21/09/2022 at

That sounds a bit more positive, Rob. Walking wounded and young. A few pain killers and we’ll see him at Southampton!!

Brian Murray

41 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Can’t go through all that again.

Coleman going on a Patterson-style run then checking back because he hasn’t the legs although as a defender he’s still street wise and not many get the better of him.

Got to find another option.

Jim Bennings

42 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Scotland lead but how has VAR not looked at that goal?

If that’s us scoring that goal then it gets ruled out every day of the week.

Joe McMahon

43 Posted
21/09/2022 at

FFS, he’s been great this season. I don’t believe it. I don’t want any Everton players in meaningless internationals again.

It seems to hit us more than any other team. I get laughed at when I say this, but someone in past history put a Hex on this club. Things have been generally shite since the late 80s.

Rob Halligan

45 Posted
21/09/2022 at

2-0. At least Mykolenko won’t be coming on.

Tony Hill

47 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Jim @41,

I’m interested in John’s @29 mention of Stanley Mills having a possible role but, of course, Stanley is very young.

Anyway, it’s a challenge we have to meet and I have faith that Ashley Cole and others will do so. We have to be tough.

Bernie Quinn

48 Posted
21/09/2022 at

I am very concerned for Patterson if this is a medial ligament injury.

Years ago, I was kicked on my knee, badly damaging the medial ligament. Felt like broken glass in the knee. And that was the end of my active sporting life.

Wishing you all the best, son.

Michael Lynch

49 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Pointless competition, driven by greed. There’s more than enough international games as it is, without this Mickey Mouse tournament.

And yet again it’s clubs like us, with weaker squads, that suffer the most when we lose one of our players.

Tony Hill

51 Posted
21/09/2022 at

That’s a very good point, Kieran @45. It can be done and I am starting to think that Lampard and his coaches are getting more savvy and more steely by the week.

We also now have proper, influential hard cases in the centre of our defence to help marshal things.

Terry Farrell

52 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Just when he was playing great!

Seamus can do a good job if it’s 1 game a week but he could do with knocking the internationals on the head so that he is at his maximum. Let’s hope it’s not a bad one but he didn’t walk off – he was stretchered off!

Mike Gaynes

53 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Ah, fuck, what a horror story.

Lyndon Lloyd

54 Posted
21/09/2022 at

The last player of ours I can recall sustaining a medial knee ligament injury was Bernard and he missed 3 months I think which (assuming that’s the injury he has picked up) would put Patterson’s return at around the end of the year when the Premier League season resumes.

Rob Halligan

55 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Bernie # 47. Sorry to hear about your injury, and hope you recovered sufficiently enough, although unfortunately not enough to carry on with your sporting activities. Can I ask you one thing though, Bernie, and this is in no way a dig at you Bernie and anybody else who informs us of injuries they have sustained in the past, but following your injury, where you within hours having any required surgery, followed by days of recuperation, the best possible physiotherapy, often every day, then light work in the gym to build up any muscle loss, then light training to build up your overall fitness, or like most, including myself, did you go home and throw a bag of frozen peas on your knee in the hope it would aid your recovery quicker? I sustained a few serious injuries when I was playing, (but luckily enough no broken limbs), and was fortunate enough to be in a physio scheme provided through work, but even then I might only go once or twice a week. I was still having to go to work etc. so even though plenty of us have suffered injuries in the past, don’t forget, these lads nowadays are receiving the best possible treatment and often are back playing a lot quicker than players from years gone by.

David West

57 Posted
21/09/2022 at

We can’t just have one week where we get 3 points and enjoy the week, can we?

Hopefully Seamus is fit and raring to go. He hasn’t had a decent centre-back pair next to him for a while, so maybe he can roll back the years and give Patterson a masterclass over the next couple of months if it’s as bad as feared.

James Mcfadden can diagnose an injury from a replay… get him back to Goodison on the medical staff!!!

Fingers crossed for the lad, though – he’s been a joy to watch so far this season.

Danny Baily

58 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Massive blow, made worse by the fact it’s come about in a pointless friendly. Rubbish luck.

David West

59 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Ray 30 You recognise Keane as a defender ????

Just please not 3 centre backs. 🙏

Colin Glassar

60 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Can’t Scotland play anyone else other than Ukraine? They seem to play them all the time.

Christy Ring

61 Posted
21/09/2022 at

Unbelievable Patterson looking the real deal, injured in a mickey mouse match. McF adden not an expert, but hope he’s right about a medial injury, and it’s not too severe, especially with our defensive injuries.

Stephen Davies

62 Posted
21/09/2022 at

DCL also suffers an injury…Groin

Tommy Carter

63 Posted
21/09/2022 at

A crying shame as it looked like this back 4 were going to be a consistent solid unit.

Whereas some teams can field their full backs 50 times a season for 5 years on the bounce, we cannot.

Fingers crossed that it’s not a very serious one

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