Police chase stolen Mercedes Benz to Redbank Plaza shopping centre, Brisbane

Grand Theft Auto Down Under: Chaotic scenes as police chase a stolen Mercedes through the streets of Brisbane – before two teens arrested Stolen Mercedes Benz was seen tearing through Brisbane’s west on Tuesday Police have tracked the luxury white car to the Redbank Plaza shopping center Two male youths have been taken into custody … Read more

Ten years of Tinder: The most shocking swiping outcomes

Tinder celebrates its tenth year next month – with the dating app having been available on app stores for the last decade. But while the dating service has led to some successful long-term relationships and even marriages, there’s also been numerous scandals surrounding it across the world. For instance, Shimon Heyada Hayut, 31, from Israel, found … Read more

New details on Brisbane chef Wei Feng Huang who ‘kill his girlfriend and stepson with meat cleaver’

A chef accused of hacking his girlfriend and stepson to death with a meat cleaver was struggling to run a failing family restaurant. He was also estranged from an ex-wife in another city, and had not seen his daughter since the marriage broke down well before he met his alleged victims.  Wenhao ‘Sam’ Du, 20, … Read more

Girl is nearly mauled to death in a savage dog attack in Queensland

Toddler is nearly mauled to death in a savage dog attack – and is in a serious condition in hospital with horrific chest, neck and facial injuries Toddler was attacked by two dogs at a home in Algester, Brisbane on Thursday The young girl was rushed to hospital and remains in serious condition A woman … Read more

Over 2,000 cruise ship passengers remain at sea as Coral Princess still stranded by wild weather

More than 2,000 cruise ship passengers will spend ANOTHER night at sea as the Coral Princess remains stuck amid wild weather and massive swell Coral Princess cruise ship with 2,000 passengers on board unable to dock Due to dock in Brisbane 7am Friday but remains off the coast almost 2 days later Footage shows ship … Read more

Watch: Cruise ship stuck in massive swell with thousands of passengers on board

About 2000 people are stuck aboard a cruise ship off Queensland being rocked by massive swell. A passenger’s seasickness-inducing footage supplied to 7NEWS, seen in the video aboveshows the ship being rocked and water from its pool spouting skyward from the resulting momentum. The ship is the Coral Princess, which made headlines last week after … Read more

Perth sperm donor Adam Hooper on DIY tour hopes to impregnate single women desperate for a baby

One of Australia’s most sought-after sperm donors has flown interstate to give dozens of women on-the-spot donations. Adam Hooper will fly from Western Australia to Brisbane this weekend to impregnate women desperate to have a baby. Hopeful mothers who are ovulating during the 37-year-old’s 10-day visit will receive an instant sperm donation handed to them … Read more

NSW woman fined $1,033 for using a phone while driving but she claims it was a shadow

Furious driver is slapped with a $1,033 fine for using a mobile phone – but she says it’s just a shadow on her lap NSW woman Tracey said she falsely received a $1,033 for driving with her phone A traffic camera snapped her while driving from Noosa to Brisbane in January Camera snapped her with … Read more

Female Jockey Leah Kilner thrown off a horse in a coma: Grafton racing NSW

A rising horse racing star is fighting for her life after falling during a race on Sunday afternoon. Leah Kilner, 24, was thrown from her filly, Stella Turn, as the field galloped along the home straight in the third race of the day in Grafton, northeastern New South Wales. Terrifying footage shows the horse stumble … Read more

Australian man uses forklift to stop his car being stolen

Brendan Mills and his family returned to their home in Logan, west of Brisbane, to find a woman inside their red Volkswagen Polo who he said refused to get out on Sunday afternoon. Quick-thinking Mr Mills, who works with cars, said he used his “trusty” forklift to suspend the alleged thief in the air so … Read more