Judge in Baltimore vacates conviction of Adnan Syed

A Baltimore City Circuit Court judge on Monday approved the state’s motion to vacate the murder conviction of Adnan Syed. Syed, 41, appeared in court Monday afternoon after Baltimore City prosecutors filed a motion last week to vacate his murder conviction in the death of his high school ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee.| PDF: Read the … Read more

Prosecutors seek to vacate Adnan Syed’s conviction, new trial

Prosecutors in Baltimore filed a motion Wednesday to vacate the conviction against Adnan Syed. Syed is accused of killing Hae Min Lee in 1999 and was subject of the popular podcast, “Serial.” His first trial ended in a mistrial. A jury convicted him in a second trial.Now, prosecutors are seeking a new trial, saying the … Read more

Doppelgangers don’t just look alike – they are alike

It is said that one cannot judge a book by its cover. Yet when it comes to faces, it turns out that similar features are more than just skin deep. Doppelgangers do not just look alike, they are alike, scientists have found, after carrying out an in-depth study of the genetics and behavior of unrelated … Read more

Rep. Crow warns enemies could use DNA tests to kill Americans

US lawmakers and military experts are cautioning Americans about the risks posed by DNA testing services, claiming sophisticated weapons could use that information to “target” individuals. “There are now weapons under development, and developed, that are designed to target specific people,” Rep. Jason Crow, a Democrat who represents parts of Colorado, said Friday, according to … Read more

Arizona 4-year-old girl abducted 62 years ago ID’d as Sharon Lee Gallegos

A young girl who was found dead in an Arizona desert in 1960 and dubbed “Little Miss Nobody” finally has a name. Officials utilized cutting-edge DNA evidence and facial reconstruction to solve the 62-year-old mystery and identify the slain child as Sharon Lee Gallegos, sheriffs said at a Tuesday press conference livestreamed by ABC15 Arizona. … Read more