Iran’s Revolutionary Guards seek arrest of ‘Asian Maradona’ over support for protests

He has also advised followers on how to use VPNs to get around an internet blackout and safely share their footage online. Demonstrations continued in more than 80 Iranian cities overnight on Friday, with unconfirmed reports suggesting security forces had been kicked out of the Kurdish city of Oshnavieh in west Iran, where Amini is … Read more

Secret UK and Albania talks on illegal migrants exposed by Iranian hack

The internal documents published on the Telegram channel include email correspondence in February 2022 between Gledis Nano, Albania’s then director of police, and Alastair King-Smith, the UK ambassador to Albania. It is among a cache of 1,400 hacked and leaked emails involving Mr Nano. In one email, the police chief thanks Mr King-Smith for his … Read more

Iranian woman dies after beating by ‘morality police’ for not wearing headscarf

In response to the attack, horrified Iranians have been tweeting with the hashtag “Murder Patrol.” Others angrily pointed out that Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, once gave a speech, which has since resurfaced and gone viral, in which he defends the morality police and says women who dress immodestly should be punished. Ms Amini’s brother, … Read more

North Korea is invited to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

North Korea has been invited to the late Queen’s funeral, government officials have confirmed. Pyongyang’s ambassador will receive an invitation, as will the envoys of Iran and Nicaragua, The Telegraph understands. Every country the United Kingdom has diplomatic relations with has been invited to the state funeral, with the exceptions of Russia, Belarus and Myanmar. … Read more

3 Iranian citizens charged in broad hacking campaign in US

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department said Wednesday that three Iranian citizens have been charged in the United States with ransomware attacks that targeted power companies, local governments and small businesses and nonprofits, including a domestic violence shelter. The charges accuse the hacking suspects of targeting hundreds of entities in the US and around the … Read more

US charges 3 Iranians for hacking and extortion scheme against range of US organizations

Washington CNN — Three Iranian nationals carried out a scheme to hack hundreds of organizations in the US and around the world, in some cases extorting them for personal monetary gain, the Justice Department alleged in an indictment unsealed on Wednesday. The alleged victim organizations ranged from a domestic violence shelter in Pennsylvania, a power … Read more

Still beautiful on the inside…AND outside: Iranian victims of acid attacks are selected as models

Her father-in-law blinded her by throwing acid on her face, but Masume Attaie, 39, has started a new life as model, to show her beauty.  She does not want to be defined only as someone blinded by an act of evil. She wants to be known as an artist and model.  She never got justice for the … Read more

Putin not invited to Queen’s funeral after invading Ukraine

Russia will not be invited to the Queen’s funeral because of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, diplomatic sources said on Tuesday. The snub makes Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin one of only three national governments banned from the funeral. Some 500 foreign dignitaries are expected to attend Monday’s funeral at Westminster Abbey, making it the largest international … Read more

How Britain’s power in the Middle East crumbled under Queen Elizabeth’s reign

Editor’s Note: A version of this story first appeared in CNN’s Meanwhile in the Middle East newsletter, a three-times-a-week look inside the region’s biggest stories. Sign up here. Abu Dhabi CNN — When Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne in 1952, Britain was the dominant power in the Middle East and North Africa. It … Read more

Albania blames Iran for second cyberattack since July

CNN — Albania blamed the Iranian government Saturday for a cyberattack against computer systems used by Albanian state police — just days after the White House condemned Tehran for a hack that disrupted Albanian government services in July. The latest hack forced Albanian officials to temporarily take offline its Total Information Management System (TIMS), a … Read more