Manchester United and Erik ten Hag ‘disagree’ as we all mourn the sacking of blameless Brendan

Obviously there is no evidence that Erik ten Hag ‘disagrees’ about anything with Manchester United but there we go. Plus, Brendan Rodgers is blameless at Leicester. Can we all agree to ‘disagree’?Pretending something is happening is all part of the fun of the international break. But that should not include just merrily making up quotes … Read more

Liverpool will be dismayed after ‘nervous’ referee forced to ‘abandon’ silence against Ajax

Even in light of a Champions League win over Ajax, Liverpool must be frustrated after the ‘nervous’ referee ‘abandoned’ the moment’s silence. Silence treatmentAfter Tuesday’s wildly irresponsible promise regarding the behavior of 50,000 football supportersMartin Samuel is back in the DailyMail on match reporting duties at Anfield. It just so happens that Liverpool pretty much … Read more

Manchester United takeover developments and Erik ten Hag’s swanky dinner

Has defeat to Brighton accelerated Manchester United takeover plans? Obviously not, but there are clicks to be clicked. Meanwhile, Erik ten Hag has some dinner and Thomas Tuchel finally matches up to his Chelsea predecessor in one key metric. It’s a big ol’ Monday Mediawatch. Coulda Woulda ShouldaSensational effort from the Express in finding a … Read more

Manchester United still doubt Ten Hag and Harry Kane fails his former worshippers

Harry Kane has displeased the newspaper that used to worship him and one line on Erik ten Hag and Manchester United continues to be peddled. skirting boredDuring the last World Cup, The Sun spent their time imploring ‘patriotic readers’ to kiss a picture of Harry Kane’s boot and hailing their ‘angular-faced’, ‘gentlemanly’ and crucially tattoo-less … Read more

Chelsea fan chants should pay wages but Tuchel must step in and demand Abramovich walks

Thomas Tuchel should step in and tell Roman Abramovich to walk away from Chelsea during what would be their third or fourth conversation ever. report cardFair play to Henry Winter of The Times for condemnation those Chelsea fans who chanted Roman Abramovich’s name and similar messages of apparent support for their owner against Norwich. He … Read more

Liverpool will keep pushing for quadruple but their disastrous form during AFCON could cost them

AFCON ‘badly affected’ Liverpool and that could come back to haunt them. But at least they have all those new buys to look forward to in 2024. Warm for your shapeLiverpool. Quadruple. We are sure you agree. Outside of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea sale plans and some perfunctory mentions of actual … Read more

Do Liverpool have 66/1 Quadruple ‘within their grasp’ now??

Can we not just let Liverpool quietly celebrate the Carabao Cup without expecting the near-impossible? capital stuffTabloid websites love a word in CAPITALS and The Sun are no different in their coverage of the Carabao Cup final (sorry, FINAL. Does this work?). So ‘Kepa the Wembley villain as he comes on just for shootout…and SKIES … Read more